What's with the name?

Little brains light up with music|ACMF music brain

Since 2010 we've been offering a stimulating and engaging play based music program for 0-8 year olds here on the Sunshine Coast - known as "Little Musos" initially, we rebranded as "Little Lights Music" early in 2014 due to a trademarking issue.Regardless of name - we're passionate about the importance of quality, small group music experiences for young children and seek to provide these and other services to our very loyal Sunny Coast families.However - we do often get asked..."What's with the name?""Little Lights Music" was chosen specifically as music "lights up" our children's brains, lives and faces - and in turn, engaged and joyous music making kids are our "little lights" too.

ACMF music brain

MUSIC IS FUN - and engaging and playing with music is a fabulously enriching way to light up little (and big) brains, which is why our motto is "Music and fun from day one!"Why not join us for a free trial class? Get in touch to book today!

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August 16, 2019
January 20, 2014